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World Bee Day 2023

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Saturday 20th May is World Bee Day 🐝💚
Did you know there are over 250 different species of bee in the UK? 1 honey bee, 24 types of bumblebee and the rest are solitary bees which come in all shapes, colours and sizes!
Wild Marlow love all our wild bees and work hard to support them as best we can through our Bee Town Marlow project 🐝💚
So this Saturday please show some love for this incredibly important creature, who we rely on so heavily for 1 in every 3 mouthfuls of our food 🐝💚
🐝plant pollinator friendly plants in your garden or outside space
🐝leave out a saucer of water for them to drink
🐝let your lawn grow and bloom to provide food and shelter
🐝make your own solitary bee hotel or bumblebee nest
🐝put Sat 15th July in your diary to come to the Wild Marlow Bee Festival to learn all about these amazing creatures and what we can all do to help them 💚
🐝learn some fun facts about bumblebees from our blog page
🐝support organisations such as Wild Marlow Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Buglife, who do great work for our precious pollinators 💚