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Woodland Dawn Chorus Walk

The weather really came up trumps for our Wild Marlow Woodland Dawn Chorus Walk on Sunday morning 💚
Robins took top place as the early birds: they were already in full voice when we gathered at 4.50 a.m. – still almost night at that time. Within a few minutes, blackbirds joined in. We sat and
listened while the growing light took on quite a pink tinge above the horizon – just perfect after the rather dull weather we’ve been having lately, and then other species joined in.
Blue tits and great tits always come across as bright, busy and full of energy, so no surprises that they very soon added their songs, with wood pigeons and a pheasant filling in the tenor line. Not
to be outdone, the first wren of our day with its disproportionately big voice came in next over the others, with flourishes and trills like a star soprano soloist.
We enjoyed sitting and listening until after sunrise (5.38 a.m.), then it was time to get up and join the activity in a leisurely walk around Marlow Common as dunnocks and blackcaps got into full voice. It is always a magical moment when the sun sends its first rays through the trees – and the dawn delighted us with that. Chiffchaffs obviously like a sleep-in, as they only started singing when it was properly light.
Our other highlights were seeing (and hearing) a jay, catching the fleetest glimpse of what the consensus agreed was an owl that flew low across the road ahead of us, and seeing and hearing the drum section of the bird chorus supplied by a great spotted woodpecker! We heard a chaffinch, and saw a beautiful pair of thrushes feeding close together in a grassy patch, though they were too busy to be bothered with singing.
All in all, a morning that rewarded us for getting up very early!
Photos: Catherine Day & Jon Perry