30 Wild Marlow Days - Day 27

  • There have been early Swift sightings reported in Marlow this week. Swifts are here for only three months of the year, from early May to late July, making them the last of our summer migrant bird species to arrive, and the first to leave.

    They come here to breed after spending nine months on migration in central and southern Africa, a 7,000 mile journey!

    They are the world’s most aerial birds: they spend all their lives in the air, touching down only to breed at their nest sites high up in buildings, Swifts eat, drink and sleep on the wing, and can even mate in the air.

    There are so many fascinating facts about Swifts we couldn't fit them all in this post so check out the Blog on our website for more facts, how to tell them apart from swallows & house or sand martins, their conservation status, how you can help and where to find them. https://www.wildmarlow.org.uk/blog_page.php?bid=9

    Photo credit - Jon Perry

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