30 Wild Marlow Days - Day 26

  • In these difficult times, full of uncertainty, making time for Nature can help with our physical and mental wellbeing 💚

    We are so lucky in Malow to be surrounded by wildlife filled countryside. If you are able to access it as part of your daily exercise, there is so much you could potentially see of hear this week:

    - cuckoos arriving from Africa

    - early purple orchids

    - bluebell carpeted woodland

    - birds of prey hunting to feed their chicks

    If you not able to make it to the outskirts, Marlow also has some beautiful parks, where you could see:

    - trees beginning to blossom

    - swifts, swallows and house martins arriving from Africa

    - the peregrine falcons from All Saints Church

    - springtime bulbs providing pollen for insects

    There is also so much to see in our own gardens:

    - watching busy bees and butterflies feeding on flowers

    - garden birds building nests and finding food for their young

    - hedgehogs visiting at night

    - bats picking off flying insects at dusk

    Whether you can spend 10 mins with a favourite drink in your garden, or 1 hour visiting parks or the countryside, take in the sights, sounds and smells of nature and it will help your wellbeing 💚

    To find out more about how you can help wildlife by encouraging into your garden, why not take part in our Wild Marlow Gardens Campaign http://www.wildmarlow.org.uk/campaign.php

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