30 Wild Marlow Days - Day 2

  • Did you know that bats mate in autumn but the female does not fertilise an egg until conditions are suitable in spring? Female bats will give birth to one baby in early summer (twins have been recorded but are rare). So keep your eyes peeled for bats flitting around at dusk as the evenings become warmer this weekend, fuelling up after winter hibernation. A common pipistrelle bat can eat approximately 3000 midges per night!

    The Bat Conservation Trust in collaboration with the Wildlife Trusts and RHS have put together a fantastic leaflet full of interesting facts and ideas to help bats in your garden - it would also tick off one of the Wildlife Shelter criteria in our Wild Marlow Gardens Campaign! 


    With many of us spending more time at home this month, why not build a bat box as a fun activity for all the family? Instructions for a Kent bat box are in the following information pack, do take a photo of your master woodwork skills, we would love to see them!


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