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Wildflower Patch Restoration Workparty

An enthusiastic work party of Wild Marlow volunteers dug in with staff from Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service at Marlow Fire Station this week. Their aim was to restore the wildflower area in the land around the building.
The land was recently turfed over and Wild Marlow pointed out the loss of valuable wildflowers on the verge and the resultant damage to wildlife.
Verity West from Wild Marlow said: “Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service reached out and were keen to rectify the situation once they understood the negative effect on local wildlife. Wild Marlow came up with a plan for encouraging biodiversity, especially for pollinators, around the site as well as simple enhancements that could be made to support wildlife.
“We’re delighted at how well the plan was received and the enthusiasm Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has shown in taking action to make the improvements. Hopefully this can work as a ‘green print’ for biodiversity enhancements across the county at their numerous Fire Station sites. This is a fantastic example of community collaboration.”
The work party spent hours clearing some of the areas of turf, to allow the existing wildflowers and seed bed to recover and regrow next spring. The turf was stacked to create a bund for future planting. Some native wildflower seed was also sown in places to see if it would take.
Verity said: “We’re all looking forward to seeing the results of our hard work to help bees and other wildlife to thrive in the area. This project will support our aim to create a thriving wildlife corridor through Marlow as well as our Bee Town Marlow campaign.”
Mark Hemming, Director of Finance and Assets at Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service said “I am immensely grateful for the assistance of Wild Marlow on this project. As a Service, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are always open to new ideas so we can be even better in this area. The work with Wild Marlow complements our Environment and Climate Action Plan and I hope that many of the ideas implemented at Marlow can be replicated throughout Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.”
Wild Marlow works with a number of local organisations, schools, landowners and groups in the area, to support them in making positive changes for biodiversity enhancement, helping valuable wildlife.