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Never has it been more important to rebuild our local wildlife and biodiversity.

During the pandemic, nature has been a source of much-needed mental and physical support for everyone. These times have given people more time to reflect on nature’s gifts — but also to recognise just how perilous a position the earth is in. 

Our natural world is badly depleted — and Marlow is no exception.

Daniel Hayhow, lead author of the State of Nature Report produced in 2019. the report, said: “We know more about the UK’s wildlife than any other country on the planet, and what it is telling us should make us sit up and listen. We need to respond more urgently across the board if we are to put nature back where it belongs. Governments, conservation groups and individuals must continue to work together to help restore our land and sea for wildlife and people in a way that is both ambitious and inspiring for future generations.” 

Together we can do something about it.

The Much Wilder Marlow Campaign is all about how we can reshape our thinking about the outside space, for our benefit and for that of all the species that rely on it. Small changes can not only benefit the biodiversity of that space but support the building of a larger, more diverse and healthy nature corridor here in Marlow, while giving us joy, more well being and a greater sense of connection with nature.

The Much Wilder Marlow Campaign is for all the family.


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