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Wild Orchid Hunt

A wonderful sunny morning spent at Marlow’s SSSI Homefield Wood, on our annual orchid hunt event 💚
As ever a huge thanks to BBOWT’s Chris and Phil for sharing their expert knowledge on this wonderful site and the 13 different species of orchids that flower there during the year. Today we found 8 orchid species:
💜Military orchid (star of the show as only found on 3 sites in the UK)
Fly orchid, White helleborine, Broadleaf helleborine, Bird’s nest orchid, Common spotted orchid, Common twayblade, Early purple orchid
We we’re also lucky enough to spot two slow worms,  a glow worm larvae, holly blues, adder’s tongue fern and a fire crest 💚
What a great time at this amazing site. Highly recommend a visit!