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Tiny Tidy in The Quietway

Balance is what we hope we achieved on the quietway today 💚
A wonderful collaboration between Transition Town Marlow, The Marlow Wombles, Wild Marlow and Pocket Wilding, meant a work party with hot chocolate and mince pies tended our lovely quietway on Trinity Road this morning.
Recognising that keeping people safe from slipping on wet leaves but also ensuring all the very important bugs have a habitat was our aim today.
A diverse set of plants have made a home there and within them and the leaves all sorts of life is flourishing.
Gently we removed all vegetation from the gutter side and took it to a local spot so the bugs can continue their life cycle and nutrients are recycled.
Small seedlings of trees were removed for nurturing and replanting elsewhere and plants that will grow too big for this area, like buddleia, nettle and bramble removed.
The wall side of the road was gently tended, the plants there are wonderful, Celandines, Sow thistles, Verbena, Holly, Plantain, Willow herbs, Herb Robert and many many more will help feed pollinators that can potentially make there way out too early in Spring if the weather turns warm too suddenly. It is vital to allow these plants to flourish.
Would we normally tidy this time of year? No, for the habitat is important, but we also need to find a way to ensure the residents can enjoy the quietway safely, so we hope today we found just the right measure of tidy, “ A Tiny Tidy”.