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Swift Screaming Party Event

We had good fortune for Wild Marlow’s Wednesday evening Swift walk this week.
Good weather with sunshine and a clear sunset meant that a fair number of swifts were out and about again over central Marlow after being largely absent or keeping a low profile during the recent rather poor, cool, grey weather.
We had good sightings right through the evening, even up to nearly 10pm when it was nearly dark. Our most exciting sightings were spotting several instances of a swift swooping into its nest site under eaves, or of one dropping out into flight for a new insect-gathering foray.
Swifts enter and leave their nest sites silently and so quickly that entries and exits can happen in the blink of an eye, so it is always a treat to spot this behaviour.
Fascinating fact: it is calculated that swifts can approach their nest sites at up to 40mph, braking only in the very last second. The speed and accuracy of their flight is always a wonder, however many times one watches swifts!
Photo: Jon Perry: One of the swifts we saw, on a low-level flight-path in central Marlow!