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Swift Awareness Week 2023

Swift box 1
This week is Swift Awareness Week and at Wild Marlow we love these amazing birds 💚
We are lucky enough to have a few popular areas for swifts around Marlow – our resident expert will be leading a guided walk on Wednesday evening if you’d like to know where they are –
However their numbers are in dramatic decline and they desperately need our help to find suitable breeding spots, when they travel all the way from Africa in spring, to arrive home in Marlow. If you think you have a building that could house a swift box, please do get in touch with us or Bisham Nest Box Group –
You may have seen some boxes already up around Marlow, on domestic properties as well as Rebellion Brewery, St John the Baptist Church, Little Marlow, The Royal Oak
For more information on this incredible species, check out our blogs and the RSPB website 💚
And if you spot some when you look up, report your sightings so we can gather data providing population and trend information –…/safeguarding…/swiftmapper/