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Water Voles

Water Vole Recovery & Reintroduction Project

Water Voles in Marlow

The water vole is an endangered native species that has suffered severe declines in the past few decades. There are a number of reasons for these declines but the main factors are due habitat degradation and loss but primarily to the presence and expansion of the non-native mink which were first reported living wild in 1959. Wild Marlow believes that the aims of this reintroduction project will be beneficial to water voles as well as the wider habitats and species using the targeted areas.

Historically, water voles were common in this area, as evidenced in the Wind in the Willows book based on the Cookham area. To date, Wild Marlow has received anecdotal and photographic evidence of water vole activity in the Little Marlow area. Unfortunately mink sightings have increased and now are more common to see than water voles. It is encouraging to hear of water vole sightings and we will be reaching out to local people to send in any of their sightings to get a picture of the likely current species distribution.

What You Can Do

We are passionate about protecting our waterways and helping water voles establish in Marlow once again. They have struggled through human errors in the past and therefore deserve our intervention to make a comeback. With numerous leading experts in the field closely involved in our project, we are confident in our project outcomes but we also want to be very open that water vole reintroductions may end up not being suitable in this area. Ultimately the project will benefit all wildlife utilising our waterways and this is Wild Marlow’s overarching objective.

Check out some of the wonderful wildlife sightings we have captured on our trail cameras already.

We will be raising funds from a variety of sources including our own members, residents of Marlow and surrounding areas, local businesses and general grants.


If you are interested in volunteering for the project, please email us

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