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Much Wilder Marlow

Creating the biggest local nature corridor - together!

The Much Wilder Marlow Campaign is all about how we can reshape our thinking about our outside space, for our benefit and for that of all the species that rely on it. Small changes can not only benefit the biodiversity of that space but support the building of a larger, more diverse and healthy nature corridor here in Marlow, while giving us joy, more well being and a greater sense of connection with nature.

What is a Nature Corridor and why is it needed?

A nature corridor consists of areas of land, large or small, that connect larger nature habitats. Without them wildlife cannot move around our human built environments. Here in Marlow we can use our gardens, balconies, doorsteps, driveways, businesses, schools and all green spaces to make different choices and increase the health of all species, including ourselves. Marlow has a natural corridor, but how connected is it? How healthy is it? Can we reveal more earth, plant more native species, do less mowing and create more habitats to make it larger and more healthy?

Can we do less traditional gardening, but more tending and habitat building?

Let's Get Started!

You do not need to have a garden to be involved in this effort. You can make changes on a balcony or windowsill or use your voice to influence others. Why not help a friend in their garden or get your school or place of work thinking about how they may contribute. The tips below include quick, easy and cheap ideas for all the family as well as more ambitious projects for those with a little more time.

There are four main actions to this campaign below:
CHANGE – See our top tips to help nature in your outside space.
PLEDGE – Choose a pledge or tell us what you have already done.
INFLUENCE – Spread the news to get more people involved.
SHARE – Share your progress


CHANGE top tips

Some resources with tips for anyone to follow

HABITATS > – Shelter for all life and a place for you.

FOOD > – Feeding everyone, what joy!

WATER > – Essential for all life. Providing and saving water is vital and easy.

SUSTAINABLE GARDEN > – Thinking differently when tending your garden for better health for you and your garden’s inhabitants.

NATURE CONNECTION > – To help nature, we must feel and appreciate its gifts.


PLEDGE to act

You can tell us what you have already done or you can promise to do something now – it will all help build passion in our community to act for nature. All your activities will be added to our nature corridor map so we can see what we have and how things are progressing. 

INFLUENCE your street

You can help this campaign in a number of ways by influencing the community. Connect to your street via your street WhatsApp group and get them involved and pledging.

SHARE to build

Sharing how you and the campaign are getting on is so important to help it gain momentum. Share our posts on social media or create some of your own and tag us so we can see what you are up to. You can also add the campaign hashtag #MuchWilderMarlow for extra oommppphhh!

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