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Marlow Swifts

Marlow's Swifts Need Our Help

Swifts are now Amber Listed as a Bird of Conservation Concern in the UK

The species of swift we have in the UK is the Common Swift (Apus apus). However, now, sadly, it is not so common as we have lost over half our swifts in just the last 20 years, (in fact, their population declined by 57% between 1995 and 2016). A very big factor is loss of nest sites. 

Renovation and re-roofing of older houses and the demolition or conversion of old buildings mean that traditional nest sites are destroyed. Also, modern building materials, methods and regulations used in new developments mean that there are no crannies, openings or traditional open eaves in new buildings for swifts to make their homes in. Swifts are being made homeless!

How you can help swifts 

Protect existing swift nest places.
• Put up swift nest boxes at home, school, work, or on community buildings.
• Incorporate a few swift nest bricks when doing building work.
• Buy a swift nesting box.
There are now many types of swift nest boxes and nest bricks available in a range of different materials to suit all budgets, and to suit all styles of building! We use Bisham Nest Box Group for our boxes – they help with the installation too. 

Check out the Swift Mapper to see where swift have been observed flying and nesting in the Marlow area

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