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2024 Peregrine Activity

Activity Log for 2024

UPDATE: 18/03/24 Confetti feathers falling means another heartly breakfast. Here you can see the male tucking in – YouTube

UPDATE: 23/2/24 Lots of white feathers falling like confetti from high up on the spire. Someone is having a feast

UPDATE: 2/2/24 Some regular sighting of the Avon Lady on the spire

UPDATE: 27/1/24 Volunteers went to the platform to carry our some essential maintenance and have a little tidy up – not a job for the feint hearted!

UPDATE: 14/1/24 We don’t often see the peregrines on the camera currently, but know they are there from the ‘debris’ we can spot 

UPDATE: 16/12/23 We are really pleased to see another individual peregrine on the platform camera on Friday and stayed for quite a few hours today, comfortable enough to have a nap. This is a different individual from ‘The Avon Lady’ we have seen and who’s story was
told last week. 
We are unsure if they have paired up or are two individuals hanging out together

UPDATE: 3/12/23 Some excellent detective work happening today, thanks to David Bevan and Neil Richards, who have been very patient trying to get a shot of the coloured ring on the visiting 1st year peregrine that has been seen at All Saints’ Church Marlow this week. Not one of ours so we were intrigued where it came from. Turns out this plucky little bird is from Bath, she was ringed in May this year. She was one of two that hatched from a clutch of three. She fledged on 16th June and was subsequently recovered wet and grumpy in the River Avon, She spent a night receiving some expert TLC at the West of England Falconry’s Bird of Prey Hospital and returned to her nesting platform on the 19th. She stayed for a few more months then fledged proper. She has been nicknamed ‘the Avon Lady’ by David.

UPDATE: 30/11/23 Juvenile spotted on the church spire. Different individual from the adult already observed. 

UPDATE: 27/11/23 Unmistakable silhouette of a peregrine spotted on the east side of All Saints’ Church spire, 07:15

UPDATE: 19/11/23 An adult peregrine was spotted on the nesting camera at 07:34. No confirmed identity as yet. Perhaps Marly or Roy returning?

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