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2023 Peregrine Activity

Activity Log for 2023

UPDATE: 02/04/23 We have been putting off this post as clinging on to the hope they may just be a little later this year, however it is now safe to say Marly and Roy haven’t returned to All Saints’ Church this year. It is possible we may well have lost one or both over winter – we have had the nasty bird flu outbreak to add to the dangers this year sadly. However, sometimes Peregrines will have two or three nest locations in a rural cliff/quarry territory, so it is always possible there is another nest site somewhere that we haven’t discovered. We will really miss watching them this year. 

UPDATE: 29/12/22 A bright and breezy morning at the top of to get the platform and cameras ready for a new 2023 breeding season – talons crossed! 

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