Marlow Peregrines

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UPDATE: 02/04/23 We have been putting off this post as clinging on to the hope they may just be a little later this year, however it is now safe to say Marly and Roy haven’t returned to All Saints' Church this year. It is possible we may well have lost one or both over winter – we have had the nasty bird flu outbreak to add to the dangers this year sadly. However, sometimes Peregrines will have two or three nest locations in a rural cliff/quarry territory, so it is always possible there is another nest site somewhere that we haven’t discovered.

We will really miss watching them this year. We do have a pair of feral pigeons who have taken advantage of the ‘des res’ and laid an egg yesterday, which they are dutifully incubating. We will share their story as much as we can - have you ever seen a pigeon chick?

UPDATE: 29/12/22 A bright and breezy morning at the top of to get the platform and cameras ready for a new breeding season - talons crossed! 


UPDATE: 14/09/22 Very sad to report that one of this years young peregrine falcons (TCS), from All Saints' Church nesting platform, has been recovered dead near Braywick. There was no indication on casue. Very sad news but we hope the other three are still doing ok. 

UPDATE: 24/6/22 We are thrilled but also sad that it tis ime to say goodbye to our peregrine falcon young for this year - it is not only time that flies 💚 These four juveniles can now fly competently and have been learning how to hunt from their parents, so they need to go off into the big wide world on their own territory. We expect the parents Marly and Roy to stay nearby at All Saints Church and hopefully return for another season early next year.

UPDATE: 23/6/22 Three sat at one end of the parapet, one at the other - looks like they've fallen out!

UPDATE: 22/6/22 These juvenile peregrines do love a sunbeam, but today they are opting for the cooler shady spots on the spire - very sensible

UPDATE: 17/6/22 With all their flying adventures at the moment, it’s great to breathe a sign of relief when we can see them all back together, safely on the spire 

UPDATE: 16/6/22 All four doing well today 💚

UPDATE: 15/6/22 These little pickles have been keeping us on our toes - mulling over how to inform you that we may have lost one, as we hadn’t seen all four together for a while, then as if by magic 💚 phew 🦅🦅🦅🦅

UPDATE: 14/6/22 The juveniles are doing really well. Three spend most of the day on the parapet ledge taking in the sights and flapping their wings a lot. One is further up on the spire on a higher perch

UPDATE: 12/6/22 Three of the four young have made it up to the ledge and are enjoying the morning sunshine. The fourth keeps looking and thinking about it, but not braved it yet - they are two days younger than the others of course 💚

A very vulnerable time for them, as they cannot fly yet, so our nerves are tested when they look a little wobbly 🙈

UPDATE: 11/6/22 One chick on the parapet ledge, two on the nesting platform roof, one on the ramp, Dad Roy brings in a ring necked parakeet, Mum Marly promptly takes it from him to prepare and distribute - so lovely to see the whole family all together on the nest cam

UPDATE: 11/6/22 A little walk along the ledge. Must be a sensory overload after only seeing life on the parapet floor up until now 💚

UPDATE: 10/6/22 First bold chick makes it up onto the ledge of the parapet

UPDATE: 9/6/22 These young Peregrine Falcon chicks are now 37 days old - wow they grow quickly! Incredibly all 4 have survived to this point, due to the amazing, dedicated hard work from their parents Marly and Roy 💚

UPDATE: 8/6/22 A pretty crowded nesting platform and that’s without the parents!

UPDATE: Another milestone 💚 The first chick takes a tentative flying attempt to land on the roof of the nesting platform! Won’t be long before the others follow them - they progress so quickly

UPDATE: 5/6/22 Been a pretty noisy few days of celebrations in the town, but specially with the impressive celebratory peal by the bellringers at All Saints' Church Marlow on Saturday 💚 The peregrine family would have had an amazing view of the unusual scenes across the area.

UPDATE: 3/6/22 Ring necked parakeet for breakfast again this morning. While the chicks are more than happy to take food from their parents still, they are also learning to strip the prey provided 💚

UPDATE: 1/6/22 Woke up to see an empty nesting platform - panic over, all four had gone on a mini adventure!

UPDATE: 30/5/22 The wing and flight feathers are really visible now - not much longer and all the fluffy white down will be gone

UPDATE: 28/5/22 Two of the chicks are venuring off the platform for a little wander around

UPDATE: 27/5/22 Both parents seen feeding chicks at the same time - it's getting crowded as the chicks are growing so quickly

UPDATE: 25/5/22 A really big day for the chicks as they are ringed under license - they did really well 

UPDATE: 23/5/22 All four doing well and venturing out from under the shelter of the platform roof

UPDATE: 22/5/22 Chick 4 is visible much smaller than the others, but getting fed well by the parents

UPDATE: 21/5/22 All four are now standing up and wobbling around tentatively

UPDATE: 20/5/22 Two of the chicks are starting to take their first wobbly steps

UPDATE: 19/5/22 Ring Necked Parakeet for breakfast and no lasting ill effects from the storm

UPDATE: 18/5/22 Nasty storm over night, but chicks and Mum all sought shelter and huddled together for safety

UPDATE: 17/5/22 Mum and Dad are very busy keeping these four fed

UPDATE: 16/5/22 All four chicks doing really well, growing visibly stronger every day

UPDATE: 15/5/22 The chicks huddled together today, sheltering from the rain

UPDATE: 14/5/22 Both adults seen checking out the activities going on at Pub in the Park

UPDATE: 13/5/22 Marlow's Peregrines were on the BBC London News - View via You Tube

UPDATE: 12/05/22 All looking good, number four is holding their own and feeding well still

UPDATE: 11/05/22 Ring necked parakeet on the menu today

UPDATE: 10/05/22 Chicks left for nearly an hour today, but both parents returned with a good dinner

UPDATE: 09/05/22 First three chicks growing really well, number four has some catching up to do

UPDATE: 08/05/22 All chicks doing well, still a little wobbly in their feeding enthusiasm!

UPDATE: 07/05/22 Mum is doing the larger share of the brooding and feeding while Dad does most of the hunting

UPDATE: 06/05/22 All four doing well, hope number four catches up quickly

UPDATE: 05/05/22 Fourth chick hatches - full house!

UPDATE: 04/05/22 All three chicks feeding well, still waiting for number four to hatch

UPDATE: 03/05/22 11:18 Third chick hatches, Mum promptly eats the egg shell

UPDATE: 03/05/22 05:06 Second chick hatches

UPDATE: 03/05/22 03:25 The news we've been waitng for - first chick hatches

UPDATE: 08/04/22 Cold temperatures mean quick change overs for egg sitting

UPDATE: 06/04/22 Both birds taking turns in hunting and brooding

UPDATE: 04/04/22 Incubating proper occuring so full clutch laid

UPDATE: 02/04/22 Both birds seen egg sitting

UPDATE: 01/04/22 Right on cue, egg number 4 arrived at 3.13pm

UPDATE 31/03/22 Very cold wind and snow flurries today. Marley doing a great job keeping her eggs protected

UPDATE 30/03/22 Egg number 3 arrived at 6.56am

UPDATE: 29/03/22 Drop in temperature has seen Marly spending more time on her eggs

UPDATE: 28/03/22 Egg number 2 arrived at 1.30am

UPDATE: 25/03/22 We have our first egg! Laid at 2.37pm

UPDATE: 22/03/22 Female seen using the currently empty platform as a prey cache to stop the opportunistic Red Kites stealing it

UPDATE: 20/03/22 Both birds spending lots of time on the spire, feeding and preparing the platform

UPDATE: 18/03/22 The female seen starting to make her scrape in the gravel in the platform

UPDATE: 17/03/22 Please to hear reports of the pair finally seen together - lots of mating behaviour and first glimpse of them on our cameras 

UPDATE: 29/01/22 Blowing a hooley in the morning but we persevered and got the nesting platform ready for the new season 🦅

We have an additional wider view camera this year, to take in any action on the parapet edge 💚 Thanks to our friends at Bisham Nest Box Group for the donation to help purchase this, and of course Blue Chip Security Ltd for their help installing and setting up. Special thanks also to Andrew from All Saints' Church Marlow, for his continued help and support with this project. Talons crossed everyone, for another successful breeding season 🤞 Keep updated by following us on Facebook


UPDATE: 04/07/21 We held a very successful peregrine falcom event, all 5 were visible to please the visitors dropping by

UPDATE: 02/07/21 All three young are flying well and the parents are encouraging them to learn to handle prey

UPDATE: 01/07/21 The young still reply on the parent for food, but mostly feed themselves now - a few sibling squables!

UPDATE: 29/06/21 All three young taking short practice flights around the spire

UPDATE: 27/06/21 Two of the young are taking small flights around the spire, the third is being a little more cautious

UPDATE: 24/06/21 All three young can be seen on the parapet ledge, one trying out their flying skills with very short flights on the spire

UPDATE: 22/06/21 A big milestone today, all three chicks made it up to the parapet ledge - they drew quite a crowd in the churchyard!

UPDATE: 21/06/21 Much less time spent on the nest cam now, as the chicks start the fledging stage.

UPDATE: 20/06/21 Two of the chicks were seen up on the parapet ledge. Hopefully the third will join them soon.

UPDATE: 19/06/21 Some funny antics going on today, check out the camera footage!

UPDATE: 18/06/21 A very wet day so not much activity from three soggy fed up checks.

UPDATE: 17/06/21 All three chicks can now fly on to the top of the nesting platform.

UPDATE: 15/06/21 The chicks are now due to start feldging and we saw the largest chick make their first small flight onto the top of the nesting platform.

UPDATE: 14/06/21 The flight feathers are really growing well now, not much down left.

UPDATE: 12/06/21 The chicks follow the sunbeams around the parapet now, so we don't see as much of them on the camera.

UPDATE: 10/06/21 Chicks are going from strength to strength, lots of wing flaping exercising their muscles.

UPDTAE: 08/06/21 All chicks are off the nesting platform now, waddling about.

UPDATE: 05/06/21 First chicked ventured off the nesting platform today. Twice. Took a while to get back on but managed it.

UPDATE 04/06/21 The growth rate is incredible, all three chicks are getting visibly stronger every day too.

UPDATE: 03/06/21 The flight and tail feathers are really quite visible now, showing as dark coloured tips to the fluffy white down.

UPDATE: 02/06/21 Big day for the chicks as they were ringed, so their data will contribute to the National studies of these amazing birds in the UK.

UPDATE: 31/05/21 The three chicks are feeding very well - Mum and Dad are really busy bringing in prey items for them all

UPDATE: 29/05/21 Mum has stopped brooding the chicks now. They are only seen during feeding, but one always stays close by for protection

UPDATE: 26/05/21 The change in the weather will hopefully mean this little family are able to thrive

UPDATE: 24/05/21 All chicks doing well, one chick made their first steps and tried to feed themself, under the watchful eye of Mum

UPDATE: 23/05/21 Three remaining chicks are doing well

UPDATE: 22/05/21 Sadly one chick did not make it through the night, other three chicks appear ok

UPDATE: 21/05/21 All four chicks appear bigger and stronger

UPDATE: 20/5/21 Chicks are looking stronger and doing well

UPDATE: 18/05/21 Mum and Dad doing a geat job caring for the four chicks

UPDATE: 16/05/21 Chicks all doing well and being fed regularly

UPDATE: 14/05/21 All four chicks seen having breakfast

UPDATE: 13/05/21 A pretty cold and wet day but both parents did a great job keeping them warm and fed

UPDATE: 13/05/21 All four chicks seen doing well tucking into breakfast

UPDATE: 12/05/21 10.00pm Amazingly the fourth chick hatched - full house!

UPDATE: 12/05/21 5.21am All three chicks doing well seen having breakfast

UPDATE: 11/05/21 11.34pm Third chick hatches

UPDATE: 11/05/21 2.55pm Beautiful moment of Dad bringing in the food for the chicks' first meal fed to them by Mum

UPDATE: 11/05/21 11.06am Second chick has hatched

UPDATE: 11/05/21 7.40am First chick starts to hatch

UPDATE: 03/05/21 We are expecting to see signs of hatching this week so will be keeping our eyes peeled 

UPDATE: 26/04/21 Both birds doing a great job taking care of the eggs and each other

UPDATE: 20/04/21 The birds have been named - Marley and Roy were selected from the children's naming competition submissions. Congratulations Brooke Prowse (aged 11) for your clever suggestion to name them after Marlow's twinned town Marly-le-Roi

UPDATE: 19/05/21 The pair take it in turns for incubation duty

UPDATE: 12/04/21 Some surprising snow this morning, but the female did an excellent job keeping the eggs warm

UPDATE: 11/04/21 Full time incubation

UPDATE: 09/04/21 Egg number 4 arrived at 8.40am

UPDATE: 08/04/21 Female spending all her time on the eggs incubating, except to feed

UPDATE: 07/04/21 Egg number 3 arrived just after midnight

UPDATE: 06/04/21 Female on eggs the majority of the time

UPDATE: 05/04/21 Female on eggs the majority of the time

UPDATE: 04/04/21 Egg number 2 arrived at about 3pm

UPDATE: 03/04/21 Lots of time sitting on the egg. Sometimes leaving to hunt/feed but not for long before returning. One of the birds will be keeping close to protect the egg.

UPDATE: 02/04/21 We have our first egg! A Good Friday indeed.

UPDATE: 01/04/21 Lots of feeding and scrape making activity

UPDATE: 31/03/21 Both birds seen feeding

UPDATE: 30/03/21 Both birds calling and feeding

UPDATE: 29/03/21 Pair seen feeding

UPDATE: 28/03/21 Both birds on spire

UPDATE: 27/03/21 Both birds seen feeding and calling

UPDATE:  26/03/21 Both birds seen feeding and very vocal

UPDATE: 25/03/21 Both birds seen feeding on the spire

UPDATE: 23/03/21 Both birds seen feeding sending feathers down like confetti

UPDATE: 22/03/21 Both birds on the Church spire, mating behaviour witnessed

UPDATE: 21/03/21 Both birds spotted on the Church spire

UPDATE : 20/03/21 Both birds on the Church spire, mating behaviour and eating witnessed

UPDTAE: 19/03/21 Both birds on the Church spire, mating behaviour witnessed

UPDATE: 17/03/21 After a brief spell of no sightings, the male was seen on the Church spire

Wild Marlow has installed a new nesting platform for the pair of peregrine falcons living high up on the spire at All Saints' Church. On Saturday, 20th February, Verity West from Wild Marlow, Martin Teague from Blue Chip Security Ltd and Andrew Carter, All Saints' Church Steeple Keeper, climbed approx 25m (82 ft) to the place where the birds have been living since 2019. This is a new pair in a new territory, and Wild Marlow is hoping that they will successfully breed.

Peregrine falcons can take three years to breed successfully as a new pair in a new territory. We hope we’ve given this pair a helping hand with their new specially-designed nesting platform. We’ve also installed a camera system so that we can study the birds and make sure they thrive.
All Saints' Church has been hugely supportive of Wild Marlow and our wish to help and monitor these fantastic birds. We’d also like to thank Bob Keene at Bisham Nest Box Group, who built and donated the box.

Peregrine falcons are super-speedy. Among the fastest animals on the planet, they can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour when 'stooping' — diving down on prey from a great height. They usually capture their prey mid-air, taking birds like feral pigeons and collared doves. The peregrine falcon is a Schedule 1 protected species of The Wildlife and Countryside Act and is the UK’s biggest falcon. 
The camera monitoring system at the church has been generously donated by Blue Chip Security Ltd:
Bisham Nest Box Group can be found here:
For more information on peregrine falcons go to: