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Native Wildlfower Seed Packing

In the last few weeks, some of the wonderful Wild Marlow volunteers have held wildflower seed packet stuffing sessions 💚 We have filled 2,500 packets!
These native wildflower seed packets will be distributed to all the Marlow primary schools, so that every child can take a packet to sow at home or share with their friends/family 🌱
The flowers themselves will be beautiful but they will also provide pollen and nectar to feed on, leaves to munch and homes for insects to live and hide 🐝🦋
Across Marlow, all these patches will form a ‘nature corridor’ allowing our most important pollinators to do their important job and thrive 💚
Look out for these packets coming home with your school children soon and share your photos to the Wild Marlow Group when the flowers bloom 🌺
Mention the school name and the school with the most posts will win a 20m wildflower strip seeded by Wild Marlow in Spring 2024 🌼
Thank you to Veolia‘s Sustainability Fund contribution, to help with funding this project, as part of our Bee Town Marlow campaign 🐝 #beetownmarlow