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Marlow Peregrine Falcon Updates

(04/07/21) We held a very successful Peregrine Falcon event, all 5 were visible to please the visitors dropping by….

(02/07/21) All three young are flying well and the parents are encouraging them to learn to handle prey….

(01/07/21) The young still reply on the parent for food, but mostly feed themselves now – a few sibling squables!…

(29/06/21) All three young taking short practice flights around the spire.

(27/06/21) Two of the young are taking small flights around the spire, the third is being a little more cautious….

(24/06/21) All three young can be seen on the parapet ledge, one trying out their flying skills with very short flights on the spire….

(22/06/21) A big milestone today, all three chicks made it up to the parapet ledge – they drew quite a crowd in the churchyard!…

(21/06/21) Much less time spent on the nest cam now, as the chicks start the fledging stage…

(20/06/21) Two of the chicks were seen up on the parapet ledge. Hopefully the third will join them soon….

(19/06/21) Some funny antics going on today, check out the camera footage!…

(18/06/21) A very wet day so not much activity from three soggy fed up checks….

(17/06/21) All three chicks can now fly on to the top of the nesting platform….

(15/06/21) The chicks are now due to start fledging and we saw the largest chick make their first small flight onto the top of the nesting platform….

(14/06/21) The flight feathers are really growing well now, not much down left….

(12/06/21) The chicks follow the sunbeams around the parapet now, so we don’t see as much of them on the camera….

(10/06/21) Chicks are going from strength to strength, lots of wing flapping exercising their muscles….

(08/06/21) All chicks are off the nesting platform now, waddling about….

(05/06/21) First chicked ventured off the nesting platform today. Twice. Took a while to get back on but managed it….

(04/06/21) The growth rate is incredible, all three chicks are getting visibly stronger every day too….

(03/06/21) The flight and tail feathers are really quite visible now, showing as dark coloured tips to the fluffy white down….

(02/06/21) Big day for the chicks as they were ringed, so their data will contribute to the National studies of these amazing birds in the UK….

(31/05/21) The three chicks are feeding very well – Mum and Dad are really busy bringing in prey items for them all….

(29/05/21) Mum has stopped brooding the chicks now. They are only seen during feeding, but one always stays close by for protection….

(26/05/21) The change in the weather will hopefully mean this little family are able to thrive….

(24/05/21) All chicks doing well, one chick made their first steps and tried to feed themself, under the watchful eye of Mum….

(23/05/21) Three remaining chicks are doing well….

(22/05/21) Sadly one chick did not make it through the night, other three chicks appear ok

UPDATE: 21/05/21 All four chicks appear bigger and stronger

UPDATE: 20/5/21 Chicks are looking stronger and doing well

UPDATE: 18/05/21 Mum and Dad doing a geat job caring for the four chicks

UPDATE: 16/05/21 Chicks all doing well and being fed regularly

UPDATE: 14/05/21 All four chicks seen having breakfast

UPDATE: 13/05/21 A pretty cold and wet day but both parents did a great job keeping them warm and fed

UPDATE: 13/05/21 All four chicks seen doing well tucking into breakfast

UPDATE: 12/05/21 10.00pm Amazingly the fourth chick hatched – full house!

UPDATE: 12/05/21 5.21am All three chicks doing well seen having breakfast

UPDATE: 11/05/21 11.34pm Third chick hatches

UPDATE: 11/05/21 2.55pm Beautiful moment of Dad bringing in the food for the chicks’ first meal fed to them by Mum

UPDATE: 11/05/21 11.06am Second chick has hatched

UPDATE: 11/05/21 7.40am First chick starts to hatch

UPDATE: 03/05/21 We are expecting to see signs of hatching this week so will be keeping our eyes peeled 

UPDATE: 26/04/21 Both birds doing a great job taking care of the eggs and each other

UPDATE: 20/04/21 The birds have been named – Marley and Roy were selected from the children’s naming competition submissions. Congratulations Brooke Prowse (aged 11) for your clever suggestion to name them after Marlow’s twinned town Marly-le-Roi

UPDATE: 19/05/21 The pair take it in turns for incubation duty

UPDATE: 12/04/21 Some surprising snow this morning, but the female did an excellent job keeping the eggs warm

UPDATE: 11/04/21 Full time incubation

UPDATE: 09/04/21 Egg number 4 arrived at 8.40am

UPDATE: 08/04/21 Female spending all her time on the eggs incubating, except to feed

UPDATE: 07/04/21 Egg number 3 arrived just after midnight

UPDATE: 06/04/21 Female on eggs the majority of the time

UPDATE: 05/04/21 Female on eggs the majority of the time

UPDATE: 04/04/21 Egg number 2 arrived at about 3pm

UPDATE: 03/04/21 Lots of time sitting on the egg. Sometimes leaving to hunt/feed but not for long before returning. One of the birds will be keeping close to protect the egg.

UPDATE: 02/04/21 We have our first egg! A Good Friday indeed.

UPDATE: 01/04/21 Lots of feeding and scrape making activity

UPDATE: 31/03/21 Both birds seen feeding

UPDATE: 30/03/21 Both birds calling and feeding

UPDATE: 29/03/21 Pair seen feeding

UPDATE: 28/03/21 Both birds on spire

UPDATE: 27/03/21 Both birds seen feeding and calling

UPDATE:  26/03/21 Both birds seen feeding and very vocal

UPDATE: 25/03/21 Both birds seen feeding on the spire

UPDATE: 23/03/21 Both birds seen feeding sending feathers down like confetti

UPDATE: 22/03/21 Both birds on the Church spire, mating behaviour witnessed

UPDATE: 21/03/21 Both birds spotted on the Church spire

UPDATE : 20/03/21 Both birds on the Church spire, mating behaviour and eating witnessed

UPDTAE: 19/03/21 Both birds on the Church spire, mating behaviour witnessed

UPDATE: 17/03/21 After a brief spell of no sightings, the male was seen on the Church spire