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Wildflower Patch Workparty

What a beautiful morning for a workparty 😎 A lovely easy one too, planting native spring bulbs and sowing wildflower seed πŸ’š
Phase II in the wildflower restoration project at Marlow Fire Station now complete, hoping to enhance the wildflowers that have flourished naturally since the grass turf was lifted just 9 weeks ago. It’s amazing what grows when you allow it. We spotted today:
Common knapweed, Greater knapweed, Tufted vetch, poppy, Cornflower, chamomile, Lady’s bedstraw, Common mallow, Dove’s foot cranesbill, Ox eye daisy, Comfrey, Black medick , Dark mullein, Ribwort plantain, Groundsel, Creeping cinquefoil, Red dead nettle, Ground ivy, Spotted medick, Yarrow, Fat hen, Cats ears 🌱
All providing valuable nectar sources for our pollinators 🐝 or habitat for our invertebrates 🐞