RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2023

Please take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch! It starts tomorrow and continues Sat and Sun (27th–29th Jan) 💚

Choose one hour and sit and watch how many birds visit your garden or patch. To count, they must land on the ground, trees, shrubs or fences in your garden/chosen space. Those simply flying over don’t count!

A quick reminder of how to count:

Count the maximum number of each species you see at any one time (not the total number of visits made by individual birds).

E.g. if you see one robin visit five times during your chosen hour, your result to record will be one robin; if you see one robin visit three times, and two robins visit together once, you record two robins as your maximum. If you see four goldfinches in your garden at the beginning of your hour, then five together on a later visit, then three on another visit, you record five goldfinches as your maximum number of goldfinches seen together; etc.

To submit your results, sign up on the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch web page: