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Brilliant Bumblebee Walk

Brilliant Bumblebee walk yesterday, with local experts and Bumblebee Conservation Trust volunteers Adrian and Lesley 🐝
The lack of pollen and nectar sources around the town and Higginson Park, was quite evident, as we didn’t see nearly as many as we would have hoped. However in the places where valuable plants had been allowed to grow, we found four different species 💚
Common Carder, White Tailed, Buff Tailed, Red Tailed
We even found one of our Bee Festival bee stones, at Marlow Lock 🐝
Thanks so much for all the great spotting, catching, identification and valuable knowledge on these amazing little creatures and what we can all do to help them 💚
If you’d like to find out more, we’ll be at the Little Marlow Village Fete on Bank Holiday Monday, with a bee themed stand 🐝