• THIS WEEK IS MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK - Here at Wild Marlow we recognise how nature improves are physical and mental wellbeing. Through our Much Wilder Marlow campaign we are promoting simple nature connection and self care, please find out more about this at https://www.wildmarlow.org.uk/wilder_marlow.php

    #4 - You surrender comfort and control.

    ‘Our culture propagates the harmful myth that we should strive to be as comfortable as possible, to make life as pleasurable as possible, and to resist hardship as much as possible. No myth has made us unhappier as a people. We simply can't be pleasured or comfortable all the time. We can't control everything. Trying to achieve permanent comfort and control leads to a dull, meaningless life that kills the soul.

    Nature calls you back to reality. You can't stop it from raining. You can't delay the setting sun. You can't set the temperature to a comfortable 70 degrees. If you're climbing a mountain, your muscles are going to burn.But with this surrender comes such relief! You awake from a dream and realize how little control you really have. You remember that hardship and lack of control are part of life, and accepting this reality makes it not only bearable, but possible to feel the joy of being alive.’

    Source https://www.ecowatch.com/10-reasons-why-you-feel-so-good...

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