The long awaited arrival of these wonderful birds has had us on the edge of our seats and now these fluffy beings are here and they are hungry… With luck more eggs might hatch, so there is going to be one hungry family needing lots of food…

    So not wanting to mislead you, but these demon hunters are good at catching their meals, so no need for any of us to pop up the spire with tasty morsels.

    Sitting at the top of the food chain Peregrines feed on birds, they catch them at colossal speeds on the wing - a healthy supply is very important.

    This is where we come in… by nurturing our gardens and outdoor spaces with native pollinating plants, healthy soil through composting/mulching, creating natural habitats, adding water in forms of ponds or mini bogs and adopting a non chemical policy - we create a healthy environment for all manner of insects, worms, grubs to thrive and birds eat them.

    So as well as food on feeders and plant life like seeds, nuts and berries, birds thrive, they breed and the populations help to feed the Peregrines..

    Taaa-daaaaaa! So it may not be as direct as popping a grub or two on the bird table and watching as garden birds come and visit, but our role is an important one is all this. By being Much Wilder in your garden, you help feed these new Peregrine Falcons.

    For tips on how you can make a difference see our Much Wilder Marlow campaign here

    If you are up for helping us build Marlow’s Nature Corridor, PLEDGE today here https://forms.gle/MtnF63K3ohckcCJd9 and help us reach our 1000 pledges!

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