• SUSTAINABLE GARDEN - how we might think differently when spending time in our garden.

    Your garden is a life force, water, soil, insects, micro-organisms, mammals, birds, invertebrates, the list goes on.

    When we think about land, however big or small, we should be thinking about how we are not owners of it, but custodians.

    Respecting it, treading lightly amongst it. Every leaf, branch, bug or bird occupies that space for a reason, often that reason is not known to us, but that is OK.

    To truly garden to have a beneficial impact to the ecosystem, you do need to connect with the idea that these resources need to stay in your garden, be cared for and not be wasted.

    Tending can bring a need to tidy and collect and discard, but consider for a moment, what is it you are discarding? A valuable life force that originated from the soil.

    We want to garden to support all wild things, including us!

    Look out for the planet posts for 10 principles of how you can garden more sustainably for a better future.

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