• 4 HERBS IN POTS - Doorstep, balcony, garden, something for everyone.

    Here are just four of many herbs that can be grown in pots successfully.

    CHIVES - Chives are so easy to grow and come again each year (perennials), which flower during the spring and summer, and bees go nuts for them. They are part of the onion or allium family and are a great companion plant to Parsley, Carrots, Tomatoes, Apples, Roses, Strawberries and they are packed with probiotics for a healthy gut. Will grow happily is small pots.

    LAVENDER - Loved by humans, loved by bees and in late spring and the early summer, the nectar flows. You can each lavender and of course it is also a great herb for relaxation.
    A good drought resistant plant that likes the sun! Will require larger pots over time.

    ROSEMARY - Rosemary keeps its greeness all year round and the wonderful pretty flowers are great for our pollinators in early spring… It helps make those roast potatoes super delicious and is often used medicinally to improve memory and concentration. Popular as a tisans too, take one sprig, add hot water, leave for 5 mins, enjoy. Will require larger pots over time.

    THYME - Thyme like rosemary is an evergreen and flowers in early spring. This popular culinary herb is renowned for its fragrant flavour, and is also known for its excellent antiseptic properties.
    Thyme likes it sunny with plenty of drainage. Will require larger pots over time.

    For more on growing plants for the benefit of nature and for you. Go to our website and get all sorts of tips and tricks for what to plant. https://www.wildmarlow.org.uk/wilder_marlow.php

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