• MUCH WILDER MARLOW - Building a nature corridor together!

    Today marks the first day of the Wild Marlow’s 'Much Wilder Marlow' Campaign.

    The campaign is all about how we can reshape our thinking about the outside space, for our benefit and for that of all the species that rely on it. Small changes can not only benefit the biodiversity of that space but support the building of a larger, more diverse and healthy nature corridor here in Marlow, while giving us joy, more well being and a greater sense of connection with nature.

    So over the next few months, we will be providing a stream of tips and tricks that can help us collectively support wildlife, biodiversity and ourselves. Whether you have a simple window box or a huge garden, time or no time, resources or no resources, there will be a way that you can join in.

    CHANGE - See our top tips to help nature in your outside space.

    PLEDGE - Choose a pledge or tell us what you have already done https://forms.gle/MtnF63K3ohckcCJd9. PLEDGING will help others to join you and we will add your contribution to MARLOW’S NATURE CORRIDOR MAP so we can all see the bigger picture and watch our corridor grow!

    INFLUENCE - Spread the news to get more people involved on your street. Can your street have the highest pledge numbers?

    SHARE - Share your progress on social media, tag us @wildmarlow1 and #muchwildermarlow as we can show our appreciation!

    So keep you peepers peeled on our social media or check out the website throughout the campaign.

    #MuchWilderMarlow #NatureCorridorMarlow

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