• We find ourselves drawn to certain bugs but not others, a butterfly but maybe not it’s larvae, a ladybird but maybe not an earwig. Why do you think that is? Let’s learn to love all insects.

    Did you know that it is the redness of the ladybug that makes us love it not loath it? 🐞

    ‘Insects have gotten a bad rap over the years, mostly from chemical and other industries trying to make a buck off people’s fear. We often wonder why so many people resort to chemicals as their first reaction to insect matters. In our Western culture, we’ve developed such a misplaced fear and loathing of these little critters when it really should be a fear of the pesticides and chemicals getting doused on our food and in the environment. Insects are amazing creatures. Their species diversity and sheer numbers on the planet are mind-boggling. And generally, plants can handle a certain amount of leaf damage. Don’t panic. It’s better to learn to live with them.’

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