• This World Earth Day 🌍 we are asking you to take a moment for nature 💚

    Take note when you walk around your street or town, all wildlife needs food and water. We wouldn't expect to see a badger run down the high street, but sources of pollen and nectar are vital for insects and without them nothing can exist 🌼

    So take note, connect with what is there or more importantly what isn't! Those dandelions in the cracks are a miracle in yellow, let’s leave them and think about where else, if you were a bee, you would find it hard to exist! 🐝

    Join us to help make a Much Wilder Marlow 💚

    ‘Bumblebees eat nectar and pollen made by flowers. The sugary nectar provides the bees with energy while the pollen provides them with protein, according to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust. They make honey by chewing the pollen and mixing it with their saliva, according to Animal Diversity Web (ADW). They feed the honey to the queen and the developing brood.’
    Source: https://www.livescience.com/57509-bumblebee-facts.html


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