Look Up by Sue Beard

  • It occurred to me today, as I walked on a very damp and misty morning along the River Thames in Marlow, that even on a dismal day we should make the effort to look up to the sky.

    Buy yourself a peaked hat if you don’t have one; it will keep you warm and stop the rain from going into your eyes. Then you can look upwards without worrying. This morning, when I raised my head, I saw nature’s beauty, even on a wet winter’s day. Colourful parakeets chatted and squabbled, shiny black crows kept guard, magpies and jackdaws searched for food. Along the river, a cormorant flew by; graceful terns twisted in the breeze; an Egyptian goose made itself known with an earsplitting call. On some days I see a red kite, making its lonely cry from a high branch. Or even a heron – who knew such a big bird will sit up high, and even make its nest in the spread of a giant tree?

    Today I also rejoiced in garlands of wet catkins, bright berries and big bunches of seed pods. They festoon some of the trees at this time of year, and on brighter days the smaller birds love to feed on them.

    So when you’re out walking, don’t forget to look up. There’s so much beauty in nature, both around us and above.

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