Keeping our Garden Birds Healthy and Happy

  • At this time of year, helping our garden birds is really important to aid their survival, when natural food sources are scarce. Attracting birds to food in your garden can help, but it can sometimes come with a risk of spreading disease too. That is why it is really important to keep your feeders, tables and baths in tip top condition with regular washing. 

    Use hot soapy water, rinse and let dry. You can also use bird-safe disinfectants. Be sure to let your feeders, tables and baths air-dry fully before refilling with fresh supplies. This helps to kill off any potential pathogens. There is simple and straightforward bird-feeder cleaning advise available on the RSPB website:

    Keeping your garden visitors healthy and happy with regularly equipment cleaning is as important as providing food! Clean feeders with fresh bird food, keeping a close watch on removing and binning food that has got wet or mouldy, will reward you with more birds in both numbers and variety visiting your garden, as well as preventing the spread of disease.

    So with the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch event this weekend, give your birds a treat and be amazed at your visitors - stunning flashes of colour in our monochrome winter.

    For our blog on the Big Garden Birdwatch, click here


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