Photography and Wildlife by Jon Perry

  • From a very young age my favourite thing in life was drawing. Then in school aged 12 I started photography: shooting, developing, printing – the real thing; I was hooked. To be able to reproduce something that had been seen earlier, to re-live a scene is a magic trick that never ceases to amaze me. To record wildlife is a very specialized part of this magic, especially when the shot can show us things that are hard to appreciate with the naked eye. This really elevates the magic!  

    Additionally, bringing the creative element to wildlife photography gives another aspect. Interesting light, unusual angles, macro, long focal lengths, playing with depth-of-field and exposure; these are the kind of things photographers have to decide; they allow creativity while retaining a true recording.  

    Moving to Marlow in late 2019 has greatly increased my wildlife photography; there are so many more animals to see. Previously a ‘city boy’, I am enjoying so much wildlife surrounding me, for example, imagine my thrill at ‘living with’ red kites now. It is extraordinary to be able to watch these gorgeous birds, so close, so large, so elegant. A further huge step up has been joining Wild Marlow; it is invaluable to me, both for being able to share wildlife on their website and the many opportunities Wild Marlow have provided to learn about our surroundings. Whether it is wild orchids, bees, bats, butterflies, peregrines, moths… it is fascinating to hear experts talk while observing these amazing creatures.  

    It is paramount that we protect the land of these animals, for our planet, and for ourselves - both for the ‘air we breathe’ and our ‘emotional side’. The wealth in my life is being able to start a walk from my front door, (in any direction), and be able to be in wild areas within minutes…. And ‘sometimes’, I take a camera or two! 

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