What exactly is not to love?

    If you are like us, always on the lookout for things of interest all year round, but understand the need for native varieties, check out native sedum. This one, Sedum reflexum is a hardy, mat-forming alpine plant native to the UK and other parts of Europe. A fast-growing plant, it can be used as a lawn alternative, but not a robust one, so won’t work for a football pitch but on less walked areas is great!

    In the summer months it produces lemon yellow flowers that are attractive to pollinating insects like bees, butterflies and moths. It also looks great combined with other plants that enjoy growing in free-draining soils, like sempervivums and other hardy sedums.
    For best results, grow Sedum reflexum in full sun in well-drained soil. It needs very little pruning or aftercare. It will grow around 20cm in height and a 60cm spread. It likes to be south and west facing in full sun.

    It is fine for pets and if you know someone who has one, you can take cuttings in September, easy peasy!

    There are many types of sedum but try to go for the native varieties so they can stay out all year round, clump them together to make beautiful carpeted effects, at the front of borders or in shallow well drained trays on the top of you shed, green roof stylee. All this adds to providing space for nature to thrive and helps us to build the Nature Corridor in Marlow.
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