• BEHOLD THE OXEYE DAISY - Our largest native daisy.

    You have got to love these tough and sturdy daisies that hang around from May to September spoiling us with their beauty and helping populations of pollinators to enjoy their nectar.

    You will notice outside our very own fire station the grass left uncut for just one year has populations of all sorts of wild flowers and many of these tall elegant flowers can be seen swaying in the breeze.

    If you look closer, the buttery yellow centre is made up of tiny little flowers with welcome nectar for various pollinating insects, including butterflies, bees and hoverflies, right through to Autumn.

    Letting lawns grow or allowing nature to plant in your flower beds will welcome beautiful flowers like Oxeye into your gardens.

    Help restore nature today and take the 2 minute PLEDGE to help build a corridor for mature across Marlow.

    PLEDGE at https://forms.gle/MtnF63K3ohckcCJd9 and Wild Marlow will deliver you an organic dwarf sunflower grown by us!

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