The Marlow Hedgehog Hub by Phil Horwood

  • I grew up in an age when hedgehogs were very common, in fact nearly all gardens had them and of course you would see very large numbers dead on the roads. Even back then I rescued a few and kept until well enough to be released. But it all really began for me in June 2017 when I found three orphaned hedgehogs at work, that I brought home and successfully raised. It was during this time I expanded my knowledge by researching hedgehogs online and to my horror realised they were in real decline. I found a conservation project called Hedgehog Street that anyone could be involved with to help hedgehogs.

    So, in 2018 I founded The Marlow Hedgehog Hub, a closed Facebook Group with over 300 members and growing. Hedgehog Street and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society are promoted through the group. I also network with many other similar groups. Since starting the group, we were often asked for advice on sick and injured hedgehogs which lead to my office space turning in to a small Rescue.

    We formed Marlow Hedgehog Support taking in and treating minor casualties, as well as stabilising more severe cases before referring to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital. We also overwinter late autumn juveniles which would not survive the winter and release late Spring. This way we were able to rescue rehabilitate and release back to the finder’s gardens, providing that it was safe to do so.  It’s not easy, sometimes we fix them and send them home and other times we’re there to relieve the pain and suffering during their final hours.  The most important thing is, we are there for them in their time of need and that we do our best to save them.

    We have many supporters both local and worldwide who have contributed to our fundraiser last year which enabled us to purchase an incubator for very poorly hogs and other vital equipment and medications.

    For Help and Advice with a sick or injured Hedgehog call me 07415546691. In the event I am unavailable, leave a message or Text me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Website under construction.

    Link to Hedgehog Street

    Link to BHPS


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