9 reasons to love it.. OK, like it a bit more.

    It isn’t really too difficult to understand why this brilliant plant isn’t a favorite, it can dominate if not kept in check and its stings can be rather uncomfortable. That said, nettles are one of the most important plants in our gardens and wider landscape! ‘WHY!’ you may well be screaming, well here it is.

    Nettle is a genius and essential plant because:

    💪 it supports more than 40 insects. Many insects are protected by the tiny hairs that sting as they can pass between them and benefit from the fact that larger animals such as cows, will not eat the nettles.

    💪 the larvae of the Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies feed on it.

    💪 Ladybirds feed on the aphids that inhabit the nettles.

    💪 we can eat them.

    💪 it makes great dye.

    💪 birds feed on their seed.

    💪 it can make a sustainable material fibre

    💪 it has many herbal benefits

    💪 It provides important shelter for wildlife

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