#6- Seed saving and sharing

    Saving seeds, growing and sharing with your neighbours, is empowering, thrifty and most importantly it really does mean you are using local seed that has grown from naturalised plants. These seeds are open-pollinated, meaning that they have been pollinated using natural processes, as they would be in your garden, by wind, insect or bird. Whilst you benefit from the joy of flowers or the tasty vegetables, the insect and bird populations are able to thrive from all that growing and any excess can be gifted to other growers.

    Like knowing where food comes from, knowing where our seed comes from and that it is produced in a natural way without chemicals is a wonderful thing.

    There are many resources around to help you save seed as well as courses that are fun, below is a couple, enjoy!

    Seed saving for vegetable growing

    Collecting wildflower seed

    This post is part of the Much Wilder Marlow campaign, a campaign to encourage us all to make changes to the way we manage our outdoor spaces for us and all those that share it. If you have not already, please do join the many households in Marlow who have pledged to make some changes and in doing so help build a nature corridor across Marlow.

    You can do this by pledging at https://forms.gle/MtnF63K3ohckcCJd9


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