CLOSE YOUR EYES - What do you hear?
    Vision is the most dominant human sense, that is for sighted people. We often consider our senses to be five separate things, but they all work together to collectively produce human consciousness. We focus our attention on what we are looking at and as a result our hearing becomes a secondary role, more on alert to shift our visual attention if required.

    So whilst this is a wonderfully brilliant and useful set of skills, by closing our eyes we can get a deeper and richer auditory experience of our natural world.

    Here are a few little things to try when in a park, in your garden or by our beautiful river. Take a moment for you, for these little gestures of self care bring you closer to nature and will give you a deeper sense of gratitude and wellbeing.

    💚 Close your eyes. Listen closely to what is around you. What do you hear?
    💚 Can you identify the different sounds from birds? What is happening in the spaces between sounds?
    💚 Filter out the natural sounds from the man-made ones and vice versa.
    💚 Take a few steps and listen to the texture of sound as you take each step. Is it crunchy, or soft?
    💚 Listen for the sound of water nearby. Is it moving rapidly or burbling quietly?
    💚 What quality makes your location a really special place? When the wind moves the leaves in the trees, stop to listen. What message do you hear?

    Perhaps for us to really help nature to recover, we need to get closer and closer to it, to really fall in love with it’s gifts, to be a part of it.

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