#5 - Grow Veggies with Companion plants.

    Growing vegetables is super beneficial to wildlife and yummy for you! If you already have a wildlife friendly garden, well you may well have the frontline troops of pest control all ready and waiting, think hedgehogs, birds and toads! The more ‘balanced’ your garden is, the more diversity of species and the less likely you will get an onslaught of one particular pest, cos someone is gonna eat it!

    There are other ways to control those members of the wildlife species you don’t want helping themselves to all your veg and that is by companion planting. It is a natural way to repel pests or to enhance the growth of another plant. Certain pests are attracted to certain vegetation. By planting a companion plant, though, the pest will avoid your vegetable plants, at least that is the theory.

    Here are a few tips.

    🍅 Basil, paired with tomatoes, repels mosquitoes and aphids, and it attracts bees for pollination.
    🍅 Sage and Marigolds repel carrot flies.
    🍅 Sunflowers grow tall, which helps support climbing plants like cucumbers and peas.
    🍅 Leave a patch of ‘weeds’ many of your pest predators will live in there.

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