• 10 principles of ecological and sustainable gardening.
    #3 MAKING LEAF MOULD (So easy) 🍂 🍂 🍂

    Well it might only be Spring, but thinking about where in your garden you could pile up your Autumn leaves is a good thing.

    There really isn't any need to rake up every leaf in your garden and throw them away. Leaves are full of bugs and microorganisms that contribute to the health of the immediate environment.

    If you are clearing up a bit though, try not to use leaf blowers as they reported to stress and wipe out many beneficial organisms.

    Then make leaf mould! 💪

    We really encourage you to leave the leaves in your garden, not only are you throwing away a valuable resource for mulching and making seeding compost, you could be chucking butterfly larvae away too!

    Leaves are broken down by fungi, unlike with composting which is bacterial. So after time you will get that lovely fungi woody smell you get when you walk through the woods.

    It is simple to do, just put them in a pile! You can use a black bag with holes in if that is all you have or a compost bin and should be in a sheltered spot which gets a little rain.

    So have a little think, ‘Where can I leave the leaves?’ and in Autumn we will give you another nudge to remind you 😄 🍂🍂

    If you are not already aware, we are asking the wonderful people of Marlow to help build a Nature Corridor to support biodiversity and wildlife and also us.

    Some leaf mould advice from Monty Don

    Some leaf mould advice from the RHS

    PLEDGE today here https://forms.gle/MtnF63K3ohckcCJd9 and help us reach our 1000 pledges! Tell us what you are already doing on your window box, balcony or garden and what you might think about doing.

    More on the Much Wilder Marlow campaign here and tips for your outdoors space go to https://www.wildmarlow.org.uk/wilder_marlow.php

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