There are many many good plants that support our wildlife that are not native BUT.. Rule of thumb is you can’t go wrong with growing a plant that is local to the area or at least the UK.

    We learn very quickly that these plants not only support the ecology of our outdoor spaces, they begin to feel right, because they belong here.

    Ornamental gardens with evergreen shrubs might provide all round green but in many cases not a lot more.

    So whether it is a balcony, window box, garden or you want to help your workplace, school or community space, GO NATIVE!

    This is a fantastic list of UK native plants, trees and shrubs. https://www.gardenia.net/native-plants/united-kingdom?page=2

    We encourage you to pledge to help build Marlow’s nature Corridor and grow native vegetation of all kinds! https://forms.gle/MtnF63K3ohckcCJd9

    #MuchWilderMarlow #NatureCorridorMarlow

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