Annual bedding plants generally do not serve our much needed and sadly declining pollinators. So for beautiful plants, that are hardy, you cannot go wrong with these three that will come again.

    COMFREY, (Symphytum officinale)
    Comfrey is a very hardy perennial, great for the back of a herbaceous border or a forgotten corner where it will look after itself. It has a very long flowering period with a peak in late May and June, followed by smaller numbers of flowers through to October.

    GERANIUM, ‘Rozanne’
    Most hardy geraniums are very attractive to bees, and are easy-to-grow perennials suitable for the front or middle of a border, flowering mainly in May and June. If cut back after flowering, most types will flower again, providing blooms all summer.

    FOXGLOVE, Digitalis purpurea
    This very familiar and beautiful cottage-garden and woodland flower is a favourite with long-tongued bumblebees. Foxgloves are usually biennial, flowering in their second year. They will grow in most conditions, being quite happy in moderate shade or sun and in almost any soil.

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