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Bee Town Marlow

At this time of year, often our hearts sink a little when we see the council contractors, out on their mowers, cutting the short grass verges and removing the valuable early pollen sources 🐝
But today we were please to see the verges around the Wiltshire Road roundabout, had been frame mowed with footpaths, but leaving a large amount of daisies and dandelions đŸŒŧ Well done Marlow Town Council for supporting the Bee Town Marlow project, with better mowing regimes 💚 Our pollinators really need the early nectar đŸĻ‹ We hope you will be taking part in #NoMowMay again this year 🌱
The wildflower restoration project at Marlow Fire Station is also showing some great results 👍 Some of the cowslips survived the disturbance of last year, and the plants beginning to grow are showing a really good diverse mix, which will bring a variety of flowers, at different times throughout the year đŸĒģ Again fantastic for all our pollinators and supporting the Bee Town Marlow project 💚 Well done Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service for your valuable work 👏