Marlow Peregrines Update

Marlow’s Peregrine update:
After an exciting time, when behaviour from the female appeared to indicate egg laying was imminent, both birds disappeared.
They were not seen on the cameras, or by people who were looking for them, for around 10 days. We assumed/hoped they had been spooked by something and laid eggs at another nest site. However this morning the female was back, scrape forming and grit eating 💚
The expected egg laying window for peregrines is over now, many sites all over the country have hatched chicks. So we are unsure what is going on with our new pair, but it’s so interesting and such a privilege to watch 🦅

The Swifts Are Back!

Eyes to the skies everyone, the swifts have returned home to Marlow to breed 💚
After an incredibly long and challenging journey from Africa, these amazing birds have started to arrive in numbers.
To find out more about swifts, why they need our help and how you can help, click here
And book yourself on to the swift awareness week guided walk around Marlow town in July, showing the nesting hotspots and screaming parties, with local expert Catherine – what she doesn’t know about swifts isn’t worth knowing!

International Dawn Chorus Day

Happy International Dawn Chorus Day 💚
16 early birds went to BBOWT’s Homefield Wood this morning, to experience the wonder of the dawn chorus. Despite a fallen tree trying to scupper our arrival, it was worth the effort!
We were delighted with the sights and sounds of up to 21 species – a cacophony of song in the peace and quiet of the rising sun ☀️
What a way to start the day and fill your soul 💚 Thank you Catherine and David.
Tawny owl, blackbird, robin, wren, goldcrest, pheasant, wood pigeon, song thrush, blackcap, chiff chaff, red kite, buzzard, coal tit, raven , blue tit, long tailed tit, lesser black backed gull, fire rest, carrion crow, marsh tit?, chaffinch?

No Mow May

It’s May which means its time to give your mowers a rest for #NoMowMay! 🌼
Let’s give all nature the boost it deserves this summer as well as supporting our Bee Town Marlow project 💚 These pollinator patches left to grow, will contribute to Marlow’s Nature Corridor
Head to the Plantlife: No Mow May webpage below to:
🌷 Register your participation
🌿 Download & print posters
🐝 Read gardening top tips
🌻 Answer all your #NoMowMay questions!

Little and Large

Great clip to show the size difference between the male and female, which is usual for peregrines – the female being much larger 🦅
She can also be seen consuming grit from the gravel, which helps to form the shell on eggs and shuffling to create a scrape for eggs to sit in – we’re eggcited ! 🥚💚

Bat Appreciation Day

For International Bat Appreciation Day 🦇 here’s a clip of a quick flyby, captured on one of our mammal monitoring cameras 💚

Marlow Peregrines Update

Some exciting news to report from All Saints’ Church spire 🦅

Sadly the young Avon Lady has been scared off by a new adult female. Seen here on the right, compared to the smaller male. However the Avon Lady has been seen this week in Maidenhead, which is a relief.

We have seen the adult pair displaying courting behaviour, mating and today the female started making a scrape on the nesting platform. We are hopeful eggs are imminent 🤞

Better late than never 🥚💚 We will post updates

📷 David Bevan 

Marlow Uncovered Podcast

Wild Marlow’s Verity West chats to John Savage for the latest Marlow Uncovered podcast 💚
“Up next, we have a true trailblazer in the world of environmental conservation. Her unwavering passion for protecting the natural wonders that thrive in and around the Marlow area has inspired an entire community to come together and make a difference.
Please join me in welcoming the remarkable Verity West, the founder of Wild Marlow.
Verity’s tireless efforts to engage residents, from young children to seasoned nature enthusiasts, have breathed new life into Marlow’s appreciation for its diverse wildlife and habitats.
Through hands-on workshops, informative walks, and collaborative conservation projects, she has empowered the people of Marlow to become active stewards of their local environment.
Get ready to be inspired, as Verity shares her insights, her aspirations, and the incredible journey that led her to establish the transformative organization known as Wild Marlow.”
Can you do to get involved and make a difference?
Verity made it clear – Wild Marlow is always in need of dedicated volunteers! Whether you have a green thumb, a love for wildlife, or simply a desire to give back to your community, there’s a role for you.
Head over to the Wild Marlow website and explore the various volunteer opportunities available. From hands-on conservation work to event planning and social media management, there are endless ways you can lend your support and become an active steward of Marlow’s natural heritage.
The future of Marlow’s wildlife is in our hands, so let’s heed Verity’s call and come together to protect and enhance the incredible ecosystems right here in our own backyard.
Visit today and take the first step towards making a lasting impact!”

Bird Box Workshop

The bird box making workshop at Marlow Museum was a great success, with 16 more bird nesting boxes being built and taken home to provide nesting support in local gardens. Thanks to everyone who came to take part and to Bisham Nest Box Group for their fabulous support as always! 

Bee Town Marlow

At this time of year, often our hearts sink a little when we see the council contractors, out on their mowers, cutting the short grass verges and removing the valuable early pollen sources 🐝
But today we were please to see the verges around the Wiltshire Road roundabout, had been frame mowed with footpaths, but leaving a large amount of daisies and dandelions 🌼 Well done Marlow Town Council for supporting the Bee Town Marlow project, with better mowing regimes 💚 Our pollinators really need the early nectar 🦋 We hope you will be taking part in #NoMowMay again this year 🌱
The wildflower restoration project at Marlow Fire Station is also showing some great results 👍 Some of the cowslips survived the disturbance of last year, and the plants beginning to grow are showing a really good diverse mix, which will bring a variety of flowers, at different times throughout the year 🪻 Again fantastic for all our pollinators and supporting the Bee Town Marlow project 💚 Well done Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service for your valuable work 👏